The Amazing 12 and Charleston Kettlebell Club

Our flagship 12 week program, The Amazing 12, is underway and already has many people in the lowcountry reaping the rewards of consistency, hard work, and educated strength training.  Without the first few rounds of participants, there would be no Amazing 12, so we want to give a big thanks and shout out to those that have made amazing transformations.  

For those that haven’t undergone the transformation process, you may be wondering what the difference between The Amazing 12 and other programs you may have tried.  Our program is so much more than meets the eye, kind of like Megatron from The Transformers. All kidding aside, this program’s success is mostly due to the behind-the-scenes work that Brett and I do for each participant.  Amazing 12 is based on three primary focuses: nutrition, strength, and conditioning. Notice that we didn’t mention the mirror? Not a coincidence. You see, when you train and eat like an athlete, the mirror and scale tend to take care of themselves.  At the end of The Amazing 12, you’ll be stronger, have better endurance, and look well…amazing! See what I did there?

What to expect – 

  1. We teach our participants to eat toward performance goals, move naturally, and make sustainable healthy habits
  2. The Amazing 12 is not an easy program.  It is simple, challenging, and effective – and we believe that is why it works so well.  
  3. We teach that form follows function, and that with consistent effort, your health will be taken care of by the conscious improvements you make each day.  

You may have your own reasons for following The Amazing 12.  Some of you may be experienced lifters wanting to get a fresh look, or get back under the bar after a long layoff.  Others may know that this is the transformation they need because nothing else seems to work. And others may need an overhaul on life – a transformation from all sides and dimensions.  We’ve seen every goal, but just because the goals are different, the road to achieving them can easily be the same. Consistent, focused training is what we have to offer, and that will get you to pretty much any goal as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.  

Thanks to all the graduates and to future participants.  We are amazed at your commitment and are continuing to learn and grow with each of you.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Thanks for transforming our gym for the better!