Amazing 12 Charleston First Wave Results

For twelve weeks, sixty workouts, multiple hours and a lot of hard work. We had handful of individuals coming through the doors here at CKC to partake in the Amazing 12 Charleston. They all had different stories and reasons for joining one of the groups. There was a lot of sweat, tears, and complaining, but in the end they were beyond happy and most of all they had become part of the family here at CKC.

Left to Right: Austin B, Mike Fickling (Coach), David Stowers, Nick M, Scott P, Brett Bracken (Coach), Daniel Tsveer.

Their stories will be shared over the next few weeks as we unveil their transformations to the world. One thing we wanted to do before we get there is tell our side of the story and do a little bragging about them.

We brought the Amazing 12 to Charleston, SC at the end of 2018. We decided that there was no way we would launch something to the public before we tried it, so Mike and I started on the journey ourselves and over the course of a few weeks multiple members of CKC started asking what we were up to. After about 6-weeks we decided it was time to reveal it to everyone and start signing up our first few participates. Those participates had no clue what they were getting into. If you were to ask them what they thought after the first full training session they probably all say, “F*@# That MET-CON!” But they quickly grew to love it and after it was all over they couldn’t wait to get started again.

There’s something about structure. The structure to know all you have to do is show up, put in the work, follow the coaching, and you will get the results.

Here’s what Daniel Tsveer had to say,

“What an incredible program! From start to finish, I constantly learned new things about myself. This was definitely challenging, and adventurous at the same time. Brett, Mike and Garrison run a efficient and effective 12 week program that takes your body and your mind to the next level. The amount of strength I gained, and the fat I lost, were unimaginable. When this was all said and done, I was ripped and shredded. Following the diet and the workout regimen were crucial to receiving the best results possible. I HIGHLY recommend this program if you are interested in completely transforming your body and being a better version of yourself, you didn’t know existed. A12 is truly AMAZING! I will be doing this program again in the near future to see what he next level looks like. Thanks again to the Charleston Kettlebell Club for changing my life!”

Daniel Tsveer

Daniel’s results aren’t just aesthetic. He increased his overall strength as well. His bench press went form 135lbs to 175lbs, pull-ups from 10 to easily ripping 15 off, and his military press went from 90lbs to 115lbs. Oh, an his least favorite lifts squat (195lbs for sets of 15 reps) and deadlifts (215bs for sets) all improved to where he was training with his previous best lifts. So to say his results aren’t typical is an understatement, but like Daniel said, YOU Have to Put the WORK IN!!!

Here’s David Stowers story, owner of True Balance Bodyworks and one of the best body-workers in the world…

The Amazing 12 week Physique. What an awesome journey.  Without sounding sappy or cliché this program was exactly the thing I needed. Those who start this program all have reasons. Some to get lean, lose weight, lose fat and/or bulk up.  Personally I started this program at 187lbs and 12 weeks later l lost 12 pounds of fat and gained 7lbs of muscle. In total I dropped almost 6% bodyfat, and the before and after photos will show that. However, what I gained was even more important to me. 

The Amazing 12 program helped me to overcome the biggest obstacle I have ever faced, inertia. I had become more sedentary due to a lung issue as a result of a flood and subsequent construction project in August of 2018. I have always been the person who could jump off the couch and run an endurance event, obstacle course race, or just go all out at any time.  However, after the events in August of last year I couldn’t last 15minutes at a trampoline park with my two kids. I had hit the wall I was always afraid to encounter, and became depressed. I was stuck not knowing how to start, what to do, or what to eat.Brett Bracken, coach with Amazing 12 Charleston invited me to this program.  I knew I needed something drastic as I recognized I wasn’t doing it on my own. I signed up to start in January 2019 and was told, “you get out of it whatever you put into it.” I wanted to put everything into it, so before this program I went in and got blood work, stress tests and body scans. I was surprised, the results were not flattering, not healthy, and definitely not “me”. Things were worse than I thought, and that was the thing that focused me even more. I was committed and I was told what time to start, what lifts to do and what to eat. It was seriously a no brainer, just show up and trust the program. However, it was a huge commitment for me, and for those around me. There were mornings that all I wanted was to stay in bed, eat something not on the plan and just miss one workout. There were nights I wanted to go have some drinks with friends, eat off a menu without substituting veggies for fries, and just miss one run. Times where I wanted to share a slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream with the kids while we watched a movie. Temptation was everywhere, but I had to just stick to the program and get everything I could out of it!

The Amazing 12 was more than a before and after. I committed to the Amazing 12 Charleston, my coach Brett and the 5am crew (The Struggle Bus) at Charleston Kettlebell Club. I was determined to overcome the inertia and depression. I was committed to pressing that reset button, to getting my energy back, to getting back to being “me”. I achieved my goal and currently am waiting on the results of my blood work and stress test, but it has been a blast playing with my kids for hours and not minutes at a time.  It was exactly what I needed, and have to thank everyone who did it with me and helped me keep going everyday.

David Stowers

As you can tell this program was more than just a body transformation program. It was a life-altering program. These are just two of the awesome students who have participated in the Amazing 12 Charleston program.

Are you ready to change your body and your life to see what you can achieve?

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