What’s Amazing 12 Charleston

It’s been a special opportunity, both to complete the Amazing 12 Transformation, and now to facilitate and coach it. We’ve learned a lot in a short time. Committing to a transformation program like this is not easy. You change the way you eat, the way you train, but most importantly, the way you think. This is more than a superficial “weight loss” program. For that matter, some folks don’t actually lose weight, but rather drastically change their body composition and gain – gasp! – weight. Yes you look better naked, but it’s more than that. You learn how tough you can be, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. You re-develop some lost athleticism. You get stronger. This is really important to us and should be important to you too. You learn to move better, lift safer, and more effectively. You see how important recovery is and learn to focus on it daily. Finally, you learn from and become part of a culture. A culture of strength, of success, and of friendship.

Even if you want to simply look better, and that is a fine goal, you find out along the way that this is more than just that. At StrongFirst, we learn that strength has a greater purpose.

Hopefully, when you finish your Amazing 12, you will find out what this means. What will you do with the person that you uncover with the Amazing 12?

The person that you were Always meant to BE?