Calloused Hands

Many of you who have visited Charleston Kettlebell Club (CKC) over the last two years have had the opportunity to meet and even take a class with Chelsey. While always a quality person, we all had the opportunity to watch her grow as a new trainer right out of college into a talented trainer and coach here at CKC. Chelsey was married in December and has recently moved away. She has promised to visit every once in awhile and when she does, we would be honored to have her lead a class or two for old times sake. With all that said, she recently wrote about her experience the first time she walked into CKC and how it changed her views of training and coaching.

“When I think about my time at Charleston Kettlebell club I am overwhelmed by all of the memories I have made over the last year and a half. When I first stepped foot into the gym, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I was expecting a “normal gym”, but what I walked into was anything but that. What I walked into was a place full of growth, knowledge, and a work family that I would soon claim as my own.

The first thing I learned here, I learned the day of my interview. “A trainer without calloused hands and scraped up shins cannot be trusted.” So as you can imagine the first time I found my hands covered with painful throbbing callouses, I was overjoyed! (Its the little things people!) But on a more serious note, this single statement that took Mike 10 seconds to say is something that has rang in my mind since that day. That day is when I knew I needed to do better, when I knew I needed to learn more. Not just for myself but for my future clients. Since that day I have learned that technique and heavy weights can fix pretty much anything, including my now calloused hands, and not so perfect shins.”

~Chelsey S. Nichols

Chelsey S. Nichols Team Photograph
Chelsey S. Nichols Team Photograph