Why You Should Compete In The Tactical Strength Challenge

It’s getting close to that time again.  That’s right, the Fall Tactical Strength Challenge is right around the corner.  On October 1st, 2016, Charleston Kettlebell Club will once again be your local host and we think you should sign up.  Here’s why:


It’s a true test of functional strength.  The competition consists of three events each designed to test your mettle where it matters.  They are 1. Max Powerlifting Deadlift (3 attempts), 2. Max Tactical Pullups (no kipping!) and 3. Max kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes.  These lifts basically entail picking stuff up, picking yourself up and testing your endurance.  Accordingly, one must be well rounded to do well in all 3 events.  Check our this link for details on the lifts and rules:



Since this event is run twice a year, spring and fall, you can have a great benchmark of your General Physical Preparedness – your walking around ability to do work. Once you compete in a TSC your scores are kept online.  Now you can and should work to improve them.  After all, although this is a worldwide competition, you can only really compete with yourself!  Check the past results here: http://www.strongfirst.com/achieve/tactical-strength-challenge-results/tsc-results-spring-2016/


The TSC gives you a goal worthy of working for.  If you are currently a professional athlete then you already have a goal to work for – your job.  For most everyone else we need some motivation and something tangible to work toward.  What are you training for now?  To move well?  To be strong and “fit”?  To look good? Training for the TSC will help you achieve all of these things.  Unsure of how to get started?  Charleston Kettlebell Club can help you plan and train for the TSC.  Contact us to find our more!


The TSC is a lot of fun.  Putting your practice to the test with a group of like-minded folks is a great environment to be part of.  I would say it is a true definition of “physical culture” and adds a deeper connection and support to your self-improvement.


Finally, you get a cool t-shirt!  Sign up here: